Special Edition

SWB cremello, blåögd cremefärgad hingst född 2017

Ägare  Verbena AB

Uppfödare Marie Louise Rungegård

Zafferano Zaladin MI (A) BH Zack
Baby Doll (Elit) Bernstein (Elit)
C’est si Bonne (Elit)
Kayo Briar (Elit) Magini (Elit)
Sayonara Bernstein (Elit)
  • One of a kind!
  • Godkänd för avel i AES
  • Ger 100% gula avkommor
  • Multitalang
  • Högt avelsvärde
  • Kombinerar 2 högpresterande hingstlinjer

Special Edition är en mycket speciell och fantastisk individ som väcker uppmärksamhet för sin dubbelgula färg.

Han har pappa Zafferanos naturliga balans och spänst och är mycket vänlig och mild i temperamentet. Han har tre härliga gångarter och samlingsförmåga. Med sin häftiga färg och blå ögon drar han blickarna till sig.

Han har en unik stam med prestation på högsta nivå i både dressyr och hoppning.

Han är godkänd för avel i AngloEuropeanStudbook AES och fölen kan registreras i AES eller Zangersheide.

AES avelsmål:

The goal of the Anglo European Studbook is to facilitate the improvement of a modern sport horse breed aimed at the three Olympic disciplines of Showjumping, Eventing and Dressage.

The AES breeding objective is to support the breeding of healthy and sound equine athletes for Eventing, Show Jumping and Dressage capable of competing successfully at Grand Prix level.

To achieve this, the AES focuses on functionality, ability and temperament. The ideal AES horse has long lines, attractive type, strong and correct limbs, a well developed top line and a harmonious frame with a noble expression.

Utmost attention is paid to correct conformation to provide horses for the sport that are fit for purpose and to encourage the breeding of horses for longevity and durability.

To achieve this, the AES has clearly defined phenotype ideals specifically for each Olympic discipline. The ideal AES dressage horse is uphill in built, in a rectangular frame, with a long open shoulder, an attractive, long and arched neck, a light head/neck connection, a well pronounced, long wither sloping harmoniously into a strong back and strong loins and a long sloping croup. The ideal AES showjumping horse shares many of those characteristics, but is more horizontal in body direction. The ideas AES eventing horse is lighter in the frame with a slightly heavier head neck connection to permit more airflow into the body, and a good depth in girth.

The ideal AES horse in any discipline has a correct and straight limbs and strong feet. For showjumpers and dressage horses a shorter cannon bone is favoured to permit longevity, lightly longer cannon bones in eventers are permitted to permit galloping speeds.

The AES is a performance studbook, with particular encouragement and incentives provided to breed for the highest level in all three Olympic disciplines. Its breeding objective are talented horses with excellent ability to succeed.

The AES recognises the importance of temperament for trainability and rideability and supports the breeding of horses with good character that will become happy athletes and reliable partners in the sport.

Geographical Territory – UK and EU member states

föl Eddie

Special Editions stam:

Pappa Zafferano


Zafferano video

Morfar Briar

Grand Prix

se Briar som 5åring


bild fr Alexandra Karlsson

Mormorsfar Bernstein