Frozen Semen


700 Euro per dose for solid colored mares

825 Euro for diluted mares

(4-5 paliettes per dose)

No double diluted mares.
Discount on second dose, contact us for details. 


500 Euro per dose

(4-5 paliettes per dose)

Discount on second dose, contact us for details. 

The frozen semen must be ordered at Landgestuet Celle and is released as soon the payment is recieved

EU Besamunsstation Celle:

Phone: + 49 5141-9294-33, fax: +49 5141-9294-55, Email:

Dr Martinsson tel +49-5141-929434 mobile +49-163-3403975

How to do:

  • Contact us for the order of the semen by phone +46704330500 or facebook: VerbenaDressage
  • Contact Landgestuet Celle for preparing the semen
  • Give the exact shipping adress to Landgestuet Celle for the delivery
  • Provide the following information to us by e-mail:
  • – Name and address and email adress of the mare’s owner
  • – Mare details name and pedigree, UELN    – the semen may only be used to inseminate the specified mare
  • – Breeding association number
  • By ordering the semen the agreement for frozen semen is accepted

Agreement for frozen semen

Frozen semen will be invoiced per mare, without any deduction or entitlement to a credit due to non-pregnancy. The fee must be payed before the frozen semen is sent, otherwise the shipment cannot take place. One insemination dose will be delivered per heat. Before the frozen semen is sent the user agreement for the frozen semen must be agreed upon.

The semen shipping costs shall be borne by the breeder and will be invoiced separately.

In case of non-use, the semen must be sent back. The semen must not be passed on to third parties or be used on other mares without our permission.


If embryotransfer is choosen, this must be declared before the first order. Please remember that embryotransfers are subject to payment of the fee in respect of every grown embryo.


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